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Formula 1 2007 :: Info

Post  D_Dude on Wed May 23, 2007 7:10 pm

Pick 5 drivers
If one of your drivers comes 1st, you get 10pts
If one of your drivers comes 2nd, you get 5pts
If one of your drivers comes 3rd, you get 3pts
If one of your drivers comes 4th, you get 2pts
If one of your drivers comes 5th, you get 1pt

Round I Closes Friday 25th May @ 5pm
Round II Closes Friday 8th June @ 5pm
Round III Closes Friday 15th June @ 5pm
Round IV Closes Friday 29th June @ 5pm
Round V Closes Friday 6th July @ 5pm
Round VI Closes Friday 20th July @ 5pm
Round VII Closes Friday 3rd August @ 5pm
Round VIII Closes Friday 24th August @ 5pm
Round IX Closes Friday 7th September @ 5pm
Round X Closes Friday 14th September @ 5pm
Round XI Closes Friday 28th September @ 5pm
Round XII Closes Friday 5th October @ 5pm
Round XIII Closes Friday 19th October @ 5pm

If you have any problems understanding something on this page, wish to make a complaint or have spotted an error, please feel free to email me at

Thanks, Seán

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